What we do

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  • CSR Reporting

Magee has an outstanding track record of successful Corporate Reporting. For almost 30 years we have designed and produced over 450 Annual Reports for over 55 clients.

The Annual Report should be clear, engaging and informative and should articulate a level of dialogue that has never been more in demand. Properly executed, it can become the focus of a strong, integrated IR experience that engages stakeholders throughout the year, at every point of contact. It’s not just about numbers – it’s about placing the numbers in context. It’s about strategy, strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Magee produce next generation, interactive, Online Annual Reports using the latest web technologies to communicate better, faster and easier.

Our interactive reports deliver innovative, elegant digital experiences that balance ease-of-use with visual impact. Most significantly they do more than simply repackage content taken from a printed original, they take advantage of the latest web technologies to create a comprehensive interactive communication.

Magee produce CSR and Sustainability Development Reports for a broad range of UK and European clients, helping them devise and communicate more sustainable strategies.

We’ve been at the forefront of the corporate reporting business for almost 30 years. For the past ten years we’ve been designing and producing CSR and Sustainability Development Reports that both understand and respond to the need for transparency and imagination. For us, a well-produced CSR Report should be a true reflection of a well-managed company that’s trusted by its people and the wider, interested public.