Why Magee black

Why Magee?

Three reasons…

Our Size / Our Method / Our Ownership

Our Size.

Our size is our most important asset. We are a single team of eight professionals, whose vast experience, without parallel in the industry, is dedicated to our clients 24 hours a day for the duration of each project. These eight specialists bring a total of over 120 years’ combined experience to the business.

Importantly, unlike our competitors – Magee do not use any freelance staff.

Our Method.

We have almost 30 years experience in corporate reporting, and the winning of the ICSA Best Annual Report in both FTSE 100 and 250 categories is testament to the effectiveness of our approach.

For us, client relationships have never been more important. We continue to provide the highest level of service through dedicated account management, because we realise the value of understanding our clients’ needs. We do not participate in unpaid creative pitches. It’s simply not good business for anyone. Instead, we believe in the foundation and development of strong partnerships with our clients.

Many of our significant client relationships – are in excess of 15 years.

Our Ownership.

Magee have always been independently owned and we intend to stay that way. Our structure allows us greater flexibility in how we run our Company. In turn, this flexibility benefits our clients as we can always modify our offering to suit individual client needs. We are not like our competitors… and we like it that way.

More than ever, especially in this economy – this is our lifeline.

Magee have been leaders in the field of corporate reporting for almost 30 years.